specializing in creative problem solving

Founded in 2005, Khoza provides amazingly personable technical solutions through our knowledgeable and friendly team members in order to help you succeed

Our Core Principles

Standards that help you make smart, well-executed decisions when it comes to technology

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    Excellent service for our clients has always been a cornerstone of Khoza.

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    Our reputation for integrity has been earned by delivering upon our promises since we started in 2005.

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    Streamlined Technology

    Sleek and trim technology offers the most value at the best cost to your business.

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    Setting up systems that are reliable, backed-up, and monitored 24/7 give you and us peace of mind.

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    We will only take on projects where excellence and high quality work can be delivered.

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    By having a wide-range knowledge of software, hardware, and vendors, we are able to remedy problems with the most effective solutions.

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    Hackers, DDOS attacks, ransomware, and extortionists are always considered when building out any system or website.

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    We build agile systems that are flexible and easy to maintain so that they can navigate the quickly-changing world of technology.

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